Grazzimetal was born on 1991 from the pioneerism, work and a vision from the future of a man with driving entrepreneurial spirit, originally dedicated the manufacturing of suspension control arms.

Since the beginning Grazzimetal is investing in human and technologic resources in it’s several families of products ( refrigeration tubes, engine supports, steering axial joints, sway bar links, pitman and auxiliary arms, suspension arms, shock absorber kits and ball joints) facing all challenges to reach the auto parts aftermarket elite for national and imported vehicles.

Grazzimetal technical and operational capacity is concentrated in a wide industrial facility of 20.000 m², in Guarulhos, a city that integrates the São Paulo Metropolitan area, providing a labor force of 300 professionals. Actually Grazzimetal is the largest manufacturer of suspension control arms in Latin America.

Always focused in quality, Grazzimetal guarantee its products liability, imposing a strict control to all manufacturing process, thru rigid inspections and tests, assuring a continuous growth of the annual production and sales. The continuous growth décors, besides the production process control, from the sales structure completely integrated to the factory, covering all Brazilian territory thru its sales representatives and distributors.

And more, breaking the Brazilian borders Grazzimetal reach the aftermarket of the other countries in Latin America, Europe, México and United States, exporting to the World 100% Brazilian products.

Grazzimetal parts with original quality to your car.

Rua Manoel Fernandes Garrote, 61 - Jardim Novo Portugal - Guarulhos - SP - SAC: +55 11 3382-9255